Regular Exercise : it can play a significant role of prevent obesity and also reduce and also the rate of disease and shortened life span
Controlled breathing : people call it yoga . you can practice psychic healing . take a long deep breath in , hold it within the lungs as long as you can , directing your mind to places you feel pressure like pain, then release the air gradually through the mouth. Repeat this for a good number of time
Avoid Excess salt : the need to urinate at night is caused by intake of too much salt . research result show that, reducing the amount of salt we take in, will reduce the need to urinate both at night and in the daytime
Rest: rest helps our brain to relax and also reduced stress rest can also be the cure to some illness eg headache ,aches and pains e.t.c
Keep the environment clean : waste products should be disposed properly because they can spreading deadly disease
Drink alot of water: Taking a glass of water in the morning together with 30 seconds breath in and breathe out is really helpful. This helps in the circulation of blood around the body
For one to be healthy, he or she must abstain from danger, practice his water therapy daily
Eating healthy like eating fresh vegetable and fruit at least three times a week .. HEALTH IS WEALTH

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